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Aspall Cider

Review of Aspall, Isabel’s Berry, Suffolk Cider with redcurrant and raspberry juice.

Produced as a tribute to a family member, Great Grandma Isabel, this is a sweet cider which usefully increases choice in a market dominated by dry or medium dry ciders.  It is said to have a good acid balance and lingering aftertaste of the berry juice and the redcurrant and blackcurrant do complement the natural apple flavour.  Pink in colour it is effervescent without being too fizzy.

At 3.8% proof this is not for those whose main interest is the alcoholic content, but it is a pleasantly flavoured and refreshing drink which should be pleasing to a much wider range of consumers.   It is suggested as a good accompaniment to fruit salads, gooseberry crumble, summer pudding, and white stilton, but it would be a pleasant and relatively cheap accompaniment to a much wider range of summer meals or simply as a refreshing drink on a hot day.  If you particularly like sweet drinks the addition of lemonade and ice makes a good shandy.   

There are an increasing range of fruit flavoured ciders and this is a good addition well worth a try, not least because it is produced by a local firm and available in your local Coddenham Food Store. 

Colin Hardy