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The Coddenham Food Store has a cheese counter that would make Wallace and Gromit happy. French and British varieties are very well represented including some of my favourites: Wookie Hole cheddar, Oxford Blue and the cheese that the French wish they'd invented, Colston Bassett Stilton. But as with everything in life, it's good to try different things and given there's well over nine hundred known varieties of cheese in the world (and The Coddenham Food Store will gladly order most of them for you), it's not hard! I was delighted to be invited to sample a cheese I hadn't previously tried, "Sharpham Rustic". From south Devon, The 'Rustic is semi-hard and matured for approximately 6-8 weeks giving this light-flavoured cheese a moist, creamy texture. There's a thin, natural white rind as well. It was really delicious, perfect for lunch time and not too heavy.

The second cheese I was asked I was asked to review was the world famous Roquefort which along with Stilton and Gorgonzola makes up the 'big three' blue cheeses. Rindless and moist with a tangy, salty taste, the texture is crumbly and moist. It's very more-ish! Legend has it that a shepherd was eating his lunch in a cave when he ran out, chasing after a girl. When he returned a few months later (lucky or not, I don't know!) the mould Penicillium Roquefort had formed. Whatever the legend, it's one of the world's oldest cheeses and a typical wheel of this stuff weighs in at three kilograms! Smaller portions are of course available at the Coddenham Food Store along with many other excellent cheeses. Enjoy!

                                                                                           Mark Huckerby