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Guinness Chilli Crisps

Excitement at the Coddenham Food Store created by the rivalry between two brands of crisp, ‘Marmite’ and competitors Burts ‘Guinness flavour’ crisps has now been raised to a new level with the introduction by Burts of a new variation; ‘Guinness Rich Beef Chilli’ flavour.   Purists at heart, it is doubtful if Marmite will be provoked into responding with a similar product, though others including Tyrells, Mckoys, Walkers, Sensations, Scurbbys, Yorkshire and Tao Kae Noi offer competitive products in the chilli range. 
Retaining the attractive Guinness logo and packaging the Rich Beef Chilli crisps greet you with an intriguing aroma upon opening.  As with the original Guiness crisps these are ‘crisp’ even brittle in texture and of a decent size.  In terms of  flavour, one does wonder if Burts were perhaps a little over ambitious in hoping to retain recognition for three very distinctive and different flavours; Guiness, Beef and Chilli.  Of the three it is the chilli that tends to dominate. 
The large font labeling for ‘Beef’ on the front of the packet should not deter vegetarians from sampling this new culinary venture as in incredibly small font on the back of the pack is the reassurance that it is ‘suitable for vegetarians and vegans’.  So if like me, you are a crisp enthusiast go with an open mind to the village foodstore and give them a try!
Colin Hardy