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HellHound Brewery

As a regular visitor to many local Beer Festivals and our local shop in Coddenham, I was pleased to be asked to sample three bottled beers from the HellHound Brewery based in Bramford.
Starting with Twisted Sister at 3.5ABV (330ml bottle) a light wheat beer with sediment.  This beer has a 
distinctive wheat aroma and its taste is of floral citrus American hops, leading to a spicy dry finish on the tongue.
Serve well chilled for an excellent summer aperitif.

This was followed by Dirty Blond at 3.9ABV (330ml bottle) a medium hopped ale with sediment. 

This ale is tangy with true bitter taste on the tongue, bags of citrus and floral flavours and a long dry finish. 

A strong taste that I would normally associate with a premium strength ale, belying its lower alcohol content.

And lastly ….Thunder Struck at 4.2ABV (500ml bottle) a wheat beer with sediment.  A very 

lively amber coloured beer with a fizz to rival champagne, effervescent to the very last mouthful. 
A bready yeasty nose that takes your breath away and a sharp lingering finish on the tongue. 
A perfect celebratory beer for the summer.

All three ales deliver well on taste, although my personal favourite has to be Twisted Sister, light and easy
drinking, it would also go well with barbecued foods.  As these are sedimented beers, don't be tempted to 
swig from the bottle but pour carefully into a glass and enjoy!


                                                                                                                                                                     Geoff Dibble