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K W Clarke Coddenham Sausages

Coddenham sausages are definitely one for the connoisseur. These tasty sausages are made to a traditional recipe handed down the generations of butchers and shopkeepers in the village. My children, now long grown up, were born in the village and although living far away now still love a present of a pack of Coddenham sausages when I go to visit.

I have prepared these sausages on a charcoal barbecue and they are best slow cooked on a low heat. The bubbling of the juices inside the skin ensures that the sausage remains moist as they cook so I do not prick them.

Cooked to perfection and presented with a salad and my own recipe barbecue sauce and freshly dug new potatoes they look just wonderful on the plate. Perfectly set off with a glass of Pims for a summer evening meal.

And now for the first mouthful. The sausage is quite dense, but moist. The taste is quite lightly herbed but with a spicy kick. These are truly a sausage to savour with a unique taste that is quite different to other herb, Lincolnshire or speciality pork sausages. It is fantastic that K W Clarke butchers are still making these traditional Coddenham sausages for sale in the village shop.

Donald Burton