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Vegetarian Heat & Serve

As a vegetarian, it’s great that I can get a great choice of ready-made food from the village shop. Here are a couple of the dishes that they stock and that I have tried. Hope you enjoy them too!

1. Wicken Fen - Cheese, potato and leek vegetarian sausages.

One thing you quickly learn as a vegetarian is that ‘meat substitutes’ often let you down; being highly processed and filled with salt and other additives they usually taste and feel terrible. However I was surprised with these at how tasty and natural they tasted and cooked. I had them on the barbeque and the cheese and leek gave the bite that you would find in a meat texture and the potato held the sausages together perfectly, especially as I ate them barbequed. These have the qualities of a high range premium vegetarian sausage that is rare to find. Score 4/5

2. Simply Natural Cuisine – Roast vegetable & goats cheese strudel

Another culprit of falling short of expectations are filo style filled pastries. More often than not more pastry than filling. But I had no complaints here as there were plenty of vegetables and the cheese was spread well throughout adding a nice sharp twist to the herb-marinated vegetables inside. Not skimping on the filling makes this a good option over the mainstream brands. Score 3/5

Alex Stanley-Bell