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Coddenham Foodstore Wine Cellar

One of the pleasures of living in Coddenham is having a well-stocked and friendly shop at the heart of the village. Another pleasure of living in Coddenham is having a well stocked and friendly village shop that offers an Impressive range of interesting, drinkable and affordable wines for practically all occasions.

Sourced from an extensive range from the Adnams stable, it’s always a pleasure to browse the shelves to find just the right thing – whether it’s a special occasion red, an easy drinking rose, something fizzy to take to that party– or fantastic whites designed just to hit the spot at the end of a frantic Friday!

As frantic Friday appears on my calendar fairly frequently, I was pleased to be asked to review one of the extensive wines on offer for just such an occasion – or as it turned out – for probably lots of other occasions too!

Vieja Puerta is a splendid white Rioja from the vineyards around Cenicero in Spain. With a clean, dry, and incredibly fruity feel (the blurb on the bottle talks about limes, peaches and apricots – and it’s not far wrong) – served very cold, it delivers a real buzz – and it’s proven to be the perfect accompaniment to a summer lunch, various barbeques – and oh yes, just on its own too!  And for only £7, a real everyday favourite for everyone!

But it’s not alone. You can scan the shelves and also find the excellent Adnams House Wines (White, Red and Rose) all at under £7. If you feel like pushing the boat out a little further and like the Rioja – try the Vallobera, Favier San Pedro – at just £10.

If the boat is a bit bigger and you fancy some bubbles – for under £10, Adnams Fizz, Chardonnay Brut is just the ticket. If your ship really has come in and you have a spare £24 – the sublime Domaine du Remport, Chateauneuf- du- pape will grace any table or occasion.

The point is, having such a wide range of wines of different character, price and quality available in our village shop – can make choosing a bit difficult – but what a nice problem to have – especially on a frantic Friday night…!

Rod Stanley-Bell